Fun and playful- these are the 2 words that describe this lady DJ best. She loves to coax and tease the crowd as she experiments with them on the dance floor. Much of Mistral’s musical influence has come from Funk, Jazz, and Soul, and you are no doubt going to hear these classic elements in her sound; combined with the new school, you could say these are the key spices to her very tasty sets. Loved and revered in equal measure for her ability to play across a wide spectrum of credible genres.


Known by day as a surfer, by night Jasmine Haskell (aka Mistral) began to pursue her passion for DJing at the age of 17. Her ‘spin growth’ began under the teachings at Liquid Bar, a local hot spot whereby Jasmine was able to absorb the vibe and knowledge of the resident DJ and sound engineer. Soon enough, Jasmine debuted at the bar playing house and then evolved to many other forms of underground sounds playing out in numerous venues in Bali and across Southeast Asia; 66 Club, Junkyard, Woo Bar at The W Hotel, Jenja, Home Cafe, Koh, Disko Afrika, Maggie Choo in Bangkok, Bassavengers at Nagaba and Calavera in KL, Mojo club in Yangon. She has also played out in a few music festivals on the island; Paradise in Bali, Dimension Playground and also Sunblast festival. Currently she is one of the three residents for Sundaze event at Manarai.


Beyond her abilities behind the decks Jasmine has also produced a much adored community camping festival called Banjar Campout providing a platform for local talent in electronic and experimental music as well as bringing education in sustainability to share across many different groups.


During her career, Mistral has played alongside many well-known international DJs and musical acts such as Jo Mills, Utah Jazz, Bag Raiders, T-Roy , Mike Steva, Filastine,  Dennis Ferrer, Ragga Twins, An-tenn-ae, to name a few.




"We managed to pin her down from her busy schedule of DJ'ing, surfing and making Batik to find out what makes her tick and her own Bali secrets!"

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"The only restrictions you get are from yourself. You limit yourself from doing amazing things"


Jasmine Haskell


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